TRI Pilot Award Program


The Translational Research Institute’s (TRI) 2015 Pilot Award Program will fund two categories of pilot awards: 1) translational science proposals and 2) proposals studying research processes. Budgets up to $50,000 will be considered in both categories and a review of the budgeting will be part of the funding decision.  These competitive, peer-reviewed awards are intended to support projects that address urgent research translation needs that have high potential for impacting one or more translational roadblocks, facilitate research integration into the clinical environment and/or health-care systems, and/or encourage rapid results translation.

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Are likely to receive extramural funding
  • Establish new interprofessional teams
  • Involve collaboration with stakeholders and/or clinicians
  • Have high potential for a rapid transformative impact on human health or healthcare delivery
  • Develop solutions that can be generalized to multiple translational research initiatives
  • Are obtaining critical data that will significantly advance their research toward a novel intervention (e.g., clinical trial, implementation trial, community engagement trial)
  • Include children (≤18 years) and/or older adults (≥65 years)
  • Facilitate translational research across the lifespan
  • Increase participation of individuals from rural and minority populations and populations with health disparities and low health literacy in translational research

Dates for 2015 Funding Cycle

Letter of Intent Due DateApril 10, 2015
Letter of Intent Scoredweek of April 13, 2015
Full Applications InvitedApril 20, 2015
Full Application Due Date/IRB Submission DateJune 8, 2015
Study Section week of June 22, 2015
Announce AwardeesJuly 1, 2015
Earliest Project Start DateJuly 15, 2015
Latest Start Date/IRB Approval DateSeptember 1, 2015
Project End Date (No Extensions)June 20, 2016

Instructions and Application Materials

2015 Letter of Intent Instructions
2015 Letter of Intent Cover Page
2015 Pilot Application Instructions:  PDF
2015 Pilot Application:  Word

Frequently Asked Questions
Awardee Responsibilities

Previous Awards

During the last six TRI Pilot Awards funding cycles, TRI reviewed 171 submitted proposals and awarded 62 projects totaling more than $3.5 million. Awards have been  distributed across  four colleges and span the translational research continuum.

As of March 2015, TRI awards have led to:

  • 65 published peer-reviewed manuscripts
  • 65 submitted extramural grant applications
  • 13 funded extramural grants totaling approximately $5.7 Million
  • 8 patent applications
  • Federal and state legislation drafted using pilot project data
Post, StevenPh.D.ProfessorMedicinePathology2014Pathological Features that Predict Clinical Outcome in Vulvar Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients
Mennemeier, MarkPh.D.ProfessorMedicineNeurobiology & Developmental Sciences2014A Joint CTSA (Clinical and Translational Science Award) Project With WUSM (Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis) Leading to a Phase II Clinical Trial for Tinnitus
Kuo, DennisM.D., M.H.S.Associate ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2014Barriers and Facilitators to Health Care Transition From Pediatric to Adult Health Care
Kaushal, GurPh.D.ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Nephrology2014Antifibrotic Therapy by Upregulation of Autophagy to Reverse Renal Fibrosis in Chronic Kidney Disease
Gottschall, PaulPh.D.ProfessorMedicinePharmacology & Toxicology2014Targeting Lecticans to Enhance Synaptic Plasticity in Alzheimer’s Disease
MacMillan-Crow, Lee AnnPh.D.ProfessorMedicinePharmacology & Toxicology2014Novel Therapy to Reduce Injury to Human Donor Kidneys Prior to Transplant
Caceda, RicardoM.D., Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicinePsychiatry2013Neural Substrates of Decision Making in Acutely Suicidal Depressed Patients
MacNicol, AngusPh.D.ProfessorMedicineNeurobiology & Developmental Sciences2013Small Molecule Chemical Screening for Musashi Inhibitors
Jones, SaraPh.D., B.S.N.Clinical Assistant ProfessorMedicineNursing Science2013Exploring Brain-Behavior Relationships to Disrupt the Trans-Generational Cycle of Sexual Abuse
Hardee, MatthewM.D., Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicineRadiation Oncology2013Glutamine for the Prevention of Radiation Toxicity in Patients Undergoing Breast Conserving Therapy
Boysen, GunnarPh.D.Assistant ProfessorPublic HealthEnvironmental & Occupational Health2013Systems Biology Based Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
Mennemeier, Mark Ph.D.ProfessorMedicineNeurobiology & Developmental Sciences2013Using fMRI to Predict an rTMS-Induced Treatment Response in Patients with Tinnitus
Penney, Rosalind
Public Health
Environmental & Occupational Health
The Relationship Between BMI, Cancer Incidence, and Residence in an Agricultural County in Arkansas
Kohler, Peter
Distinguished Professor
Internal Medicine
Innovative Analytic Strategies to Assess Diabetic Care in Disparate Populations
Heo, Seongkum
Ph.D., R.N.
Assistant Professor
Nursing Science
Factors Associated With Fatigue and Depressive Symptoms and the Combined Effects of Fatigue and Depressive Symptoms on Hospitalization Rates and the Gender Differences in Patients with Heart Failure
Kavouras, Illias
Associate Professor
Public Health
Environmental & Occupational Health
Projected Impacts of Climate Change on Cardiovascular, Stroke and Respiratory Morbidity in Arkansas
Fuhrman, Barbara
Assistant Professor
Public Health
Mammographic Density and Breast Cancer Risk
Maxson, Robert
Associate Professor
Trauma Early Warning Score (TEWS) as an Early Measure of Trauma Severity and Need for Aggressive Intervention
Nakagawa, MayumiM.D., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMedicinePathology2012HPV 16 Cross-Reactivity and Cross-Protection
Swearingen, ChristopherPh.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2012Development and Testing of a Mobile Electronic Data and Information Capture Infrastructure: The MEDIC Project
Stroud, MichaelM.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2012Tele-Transport:  Combining Mobile Patient Assessment with Critical Care Outside Tertiary Care Centers
Kurten, RichardPh.D.Associate ProfessorMedicinePhysiology & Biophysics2012Mechanisms of Clinical Relevance for Controlling Smooth Muscle Function in Human Airways
Frye, RichardM.D., Ph.D.Associate ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2012Prenatal Neuromagnetic Biomarkers for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Griffin, RobertPh.D.Associate ProfessorMedicineRadiation Oncology2012Understanding GRID Radiation Therapy Effects on Human Tumor Oxygenation and Interstitial Pressure to Increase Translation for Solid Tumor Therapy
Burnett, AlexanderM.D.ProfessorMedicineOb/Gyn2012Targeting Endometrial Cancer with Metformin in Obese Patients
Borrelli, MichaelPh.D.ProfessorMedicineRadiology2012Multimodality Treatment for Glioblastoma Multiforme
Kleiner, Jennifer Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicinePsychiatry2012Functional MRI Predictive of Cognitive Risk in DBS
Basnakian, AlexeiM.D., Ph.D.ProfessorMedicinePharmacology & Toxicology2012Clinical Testing of the Novel Carbamylated HDL Assay
Padala, PrasadM.D., M.S.Associate ProfessorMedicinePsychiatry2012Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Apathy in Mild Cognitive Impairment
Mennemeier, MarkPh.D.ProfessorMedicineNeurobiology & Developmental Sciences2011Translating Magnetic Brain Stimulation to Tinnitus Treatment
Miller, GroverPh.D.Associate ProfessorMedicineBiochemistry & Molecular Biology2011Improving Anticoagulant Therapy Through Warfarin Metabolite Profiling
Perry, TamaraM.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2011A Pilot and Feasibility Study of Mobile-Based Asthma Action Plans
Shafirstein, GalD.Sc.Associate ProfessorMedicineOtolaryngology2011Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) with Temoporfin for Non-Resectable Non-Small Cells Lung Cancers
Simmen, FrankPh.D.ProfessorMedicinePhysiology & Biophysics2011Short-Term Metformin Treatment to Inhibit Colorectal Tumor Cell Proliferation, Enhance Tumor Cell Apoptosis, and Modulate Expression of Oncogenic-miR- and Anti-oncogenic-miR-mediated Pathways
Zharov, VladimirPh.D.ProfessorMedicineOtolaryngology2011Clinical Prototype for in vivo Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells
Armstrong, CherylM.D.ProfessorMedicineDermatology2011Omnibalm as Wound Therapy for Lower Extremity Ulcers in Diabetics
Coker, RobertPh.D.Associate ProfessorMedicineGeriatrics2011Lysine Supplementation and Glucose Metabolism
Compadre, CesarPh.D.ProfessorPharmacyPharmaceutical Sciences2011Tocoflexols, a New Class of Radiation Protection Agents with Enhanced Bioavailability
Felix, HollyPh.D., M.P.A.Assistant ProfessorPublic HealthHealth Policy & Management2011Identifying Root Causes for 30-Day Hospital Readmission
Chambers, TimothyPh.D.ProfessorMedicineBiochemistry & Molecular Biology2010Molecular Determinants of Combinatorial Cancer Drug Sensitivity
Malik, SadiaM.D., M.P.H.Associate ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2010Pharmacogenetics of Mycophenolic Acid in Pediatric Heart Transplant Recipients
Stewart, Mary KathrynM.D., M.P.H.Assistant ProfessorPublic HealthHealth Policy & Management2010Individual Social Networks, Service Networks, and Long Term Care: A Community Engaged Research Pilot
Shukla, AshutoshM.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Nephrology2010A Pilot Study to Examine the Effect of Chloroquine on Surrogate Markers for Atherosclerosis
Mock, DonaldM.D., Ph.DProfessorMedicineBiochemistry & Molecular Biology2010Biotin Deficiency and Birth Defects: Does Smoking Cause Biotin Deficiency?
Waheed, SarahM.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Hematology/Oncology2010Pilot Study of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in Addition to Standard Growth Factor Support for Hematopoietic Progenitor/Stem Cell Mobilization.
Andres, AlinePh.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2010Effects of Maternal Adiposity on Oocyte Gene Expression
Kurten, RichardPh.D.Associate ProfessorMedicinePhysiology & Biophysics2010Mechanisms of Clinical Relevance for Controlling Smooth Muscle Function in Human Airways
James, LauraM.D.ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2010K2 Use in Arkansas
Aitken, MaryM.D., M.P.H.ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2010Remember the Future: Improving Consideration of the Future Among Adolescent Smokers with Working Memory Training
Cannon, MartinPh.D.ProfessorMedicineMicrobiology & Immunology2009Dendritic Cell Vaccination and Immune Regulation in Ovarian Cancer
Bornhorst, JoshuaPh.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicinePathology2009Development of High Throughput Assay for HNSCC Marker
Swaminathan, SundararamanM.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Nephrology2009Role of CD163+/CXCR4+ Cells Expressing Bone Matrix Proteins in Vascular Calcification of Chronic Kidney Disease
Khan, NasimM.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Rheumatology2009Carbamylated LDL as a Risk Factor for Increased CV Diseases in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Karbassi, BehjatolahPh.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicinePathology2009Metabolic Impact on Health Disparities in Breast Cancer
Herzog, ChristianPh.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Nephrology2009Nidogen-1 as a Biomarker in Early Detection of Acute Kidney Injury
Govindan, RathinaswamyPh.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicineOb/Gyn2009Physiological Markers of Fetal Hypoxia from Magnetocardiogram
Forrest, JamesPh.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicineMicrobiology & Immunology2009Gammaherpesvirus Related Alterations in Cellular Signaling Responses to Chemotherapy
Deutz, NicolaasM.D., Ph.D.ProfessorMedicineGeriatrics2009Innovative Methods to Measure Intestinal Macronutrient Digestion, Absorption, and Function
Robbins, JamesPh.D.ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2009Comparative Effectiveness of Medical Versus Surgical Management of Patent Ductus Arteriosus
McSweeney, JeanPh.D., R.N.ProfessorNursingAdministration2009Clinical Indicators to Inform Clinicians’ Referral Decisions for Cardiovascular Evaluation in Women
McNiece-Redwine, KarenM.D., M.P.H.Assistant ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2009Cardiovascular Risk Factor Surveillance Systems in Arkansas Youth
Malik, Ahmad BilalM.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Nephrology2009Novel Therapy to Slow Progression of Diabetic Nephropathy Using Deferiprone
Makhoul, IssamM.D.Associate ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Hematology/Oncology2009Predictors of Pathologic Complete Response to Chemo and Antiangiotherapy in Breast Cancer
Yao-Borengasser, AiweiPh.D.Assistant ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Endocrinology2009Role of Adipose Tissue and Angiogenesis in Breast Cancer