Biotelemetry & Ultrasound Imaging Core

The Biotelemetry and Ultrasound Imaging Core offers invasive and noninvasive monitoring of cardiovascular function, respectively, and tumor research using small animal models.

Biotelemetry Services

  • Surgical implantation and explantation of biotelemetry transmitters, including post-surgical monitoring of animals, administration of analgesic and antibiotics
  • Data collection at intervals (minutes to hours) requested by the investigator
  • Monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, circadian activity and electrocardiogram in conscious, unrestrained animals
  • Data storage, back-up and reporting in user-friendly formats
  • Assistance in experimental design, data interpretation and development of different animal models

Ultrasound Imaging Services

  • Noninvasive assessment (including Doppler imaging) of function of the heart, vascular system, other internal organs, and of tumor cell growth and angiogenesis in lightly anesthetized small animals
  • Instrument training for investigators who prefer to obtain their own measurements
  • Public workstations for data analysis, data storage and back-up
  • Assistance in experimental design and data interpretation

Additional Information
Technology Description
Fees and Terms of Service
Contact Information

Overview of Core Services

Technology Description

Blood pressure, heart rate, electrocardiogram, body temperature and activity (circadian rhythm) are vital signs of living individuals, which change is relevant to a number of experimental conditions and models of human disease. Biotelemetry enables continuous monitoring of multiple or all vital signs in conscious unrestrained rodents. This involves surgical implantation of transmitters and data acquisition via associated hardware and software. Compared to older tail-cuff methods for measuring blood pressure, biotelemetry allows animals to remain unrestrained and can more reliably detect acute changes.

Ultrasound Imaging
Ultrasound imaging offers non invasive assessment for cardiovascular, vascular biology and cancer research, including pulse-wave and color Doppler imaging and non-targeted/targeted contrast imaging with MicroMarkers.

The ultrasound instrumentation uses high-frequency, high-resolution digital imaging with linear array technology and color Doppler for general anatomical localization. It is particularly valuable in specialized research applications such as cardiac functional analysis and blood flow quantification in a variety of vascular beds.



  • Environmentally controlled, individual rodent housing
  • Data acquisition software (Dataquest A.R.T. Silver 4.0 software)
  • Total of 37 transmitters and 16 receiver stations


SpeciesMeasurementsBattery LifeModel
RatXXXX2 monthsDigital Sciences International C50-PX
RatXXX4 monthsDigital Sciences International PA-C40
MouseXXX1½ monthsDigital Sciences International PA-C10

Ultrasound Imaging System

VisualSonics Vevo® 2100 System: High-frequency, high-resolution digital imaging with linear array technology and color Doppler. Frame rates in 2D up to 740 fps and superior resolution (30 micron) and image uniformity through entire field of view

Fees and Terms of Service

Mouse or Rat Biotelemetry

  • Surgery: $140.00/rodent (includes implantation, termination and explantation)
  • Maintenance: $40.00 weekly
  • Transmitter battery refurbishment: $460/transmitter; 3-week turnaround ($100/transmitter expedite fee for 48 hours turnaround)

Ultrasound Imaging

  • Use of the VisualSonics Vevo® 2100 System: $150/hour

Terms of Service

  • Prior IACUC approval must be obtained by investigator
  • Investigator is responsible for transferring animals to and from the core facility
  • Charges will be billed after the animals have been successfully implanted
  • Implants will be removed by core personnel only
  • Charges may be subject to change

Contact Information

Biotelemetry and Ultrasound Imaging Core
Biomedical Research Building I, Room 230
4301 West Markham Street
Mail Slot 611
Little Rock, AR 72205

Shi (Jesse) Liu, Ph.D., Director
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
UAMS College of Pharmacy

Kerrey Roberto, Biotelemetry Research Assistant

Dawn McNeice, Account Manager