Software for Regulatory Compliance

Total Research and Compliance Knowledge System (TRACKS): Conflict of Interest (COI)

With substantial assistance from the TRI, UAMS acquired TRACKS COI, a commercial product to simplify reporting of potential conflicts of interest or commitment.  Launched on Nov. 29, 2010, the web-based system provides centralized conflict of interest disclosure, tracking, routing, screening and review for all UAMS faculty, UAMS Officials, and key research personnel.

CLinicAl Research Administrator (CLARA)

With support from the TRI, UAMS is working to develop the CLinicAl Research Administrator (CLARA), a web-based portal for submission, review, approval and tracking of human subjects research.

Targeted for launch in 2013, CLARA will replace several older systems and paper-based review processes. Compared to current systems, CLARA’s modular design and branching structure will offer streamlined data entry, provide an improved user interface, eliminate unnecessary steps in the review process, and provide a reporting system to monitor key metrics in the approval process.

Key CLARA features will include:

  • An IRB ‘Live Meeting’ module
  • An interface for multiple oversight review committees (IRB, Biohazard, and more)
  • An adverse event reporting process
  • Seamless interface with UAMS’ Comprehensive Research Informatics Suite for clinical trial management and participant tracking
  • A budget development interface and budget tracking module
  • A clinical trial contract reviewing and tracking module

Total Research and Compliance Knowledge System (TRACKS): Grants

With substantial assistance from the TRI, UAMS acquired TRACKS Grants, a commercial system for managing grants from proposal preparation to grant closeout, encompassing both the pre-award and post-award phases. Slated for launch in early 2013, the application will replace UAMS’ internally developed grants management system and better suit the diverse needs of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, investigators, administrative staff and electronic transmission requirements of funding agencies.